Meet Our Partners

The following companies represent some of the finest craftsman and artisans in the region. The quality of their products and their commitment to their communities align wicked awesomely with the mission and values of New England's Finest and we are proud to partner with them and share them with you. If you would like to become a NEF partner, send us a message and to learn more, visit our Partner Program page. 

Aster Candle logo

Aster Candle | RI

AukaLife logo

AukaLife | MA

Bar Harbor Foods logo

Bar Harbor Foods | ME

Bellicchi's Best logo

Bellicchi's Best | RI

Better Than Average logo

Better Than Average | NH

Beveridge Beer & Soap Co.

Beveridge Beer & Soap Co. | NH

Big Picture Farm

Big Picture Farm | VT

Bixby and Co logo

Bixby & Co. | ME

Blackwater Mustard Co

Blackwater Mustard Co. | NH

Bountiful Pantry

Bountiful Pantry | MA

Burke Mountain Confectionery

Burke Mtn. Confectionery | VT

By the Sea Salt

By the Sea Salt | MA

Castleton Crackers logo

Castleton Crackers | VT

CB Stuffer

CB Stuffer | MA

Cleary's on Grafton

Cleary's on Grafton | CT

Coastal Maine Popcorn Co

Coastal Maine Popcorn Co. | ME

Cold Hollow

Cold Hollow | VT

Cucina Aurora logo

Cucina Aurora | NH

Farm True logo

Farm True | CT

Free Verse Farm logo

Free Verse Farm | CT

Goodnow Farms logo

Goodnow Farms Chocolate | RI

Gutsey Bars

Gutsey Bars | MA

Halladay's Harvest Barn

Halladay's Harvest Barn | VT

Hampshire Pewter logo

Hampshire Pewter | NH

Harbor Sweets logo

Harbor Sweets | MA

herd nerd logo

herd nerd SPICE | MA

Homefree logo

Homefree | NH

Hope Bars logo

Hope Bars | NH

Jack's Crackers logo

Jack's Crackers | NH

Jan's Farmhouse logo

Jan's Farmhouse Crisps | VT

Jarva Cakes logo

Jarva Cakes | ME

Lark Fine Foods logo

Lark Fine Foods | MA

Lake Champlain Chocolates

Lake Champlain Chocolates | VT

Little Acre Gourmet

Little Acre Gourmet | NH

Gilded Nut logo

Gilded Nut | ME

Lucas Roasting Co. logo

Lucas Roasting Co. | NH

Lucy's Granola

Lucy's Granola | ME

The Maine Crisp Co. logo

The Maine Crisp Co. | ME

McCreas logo

McCrea's | MA

Mystic Knotwork logo

Mystic Knotwork | CT

No Joke Smoke BBQ

No Joke Smoke BBQ | MA

October Fields

October Fields | ME

Plymouth Bay Winery logo

Plymouth Bay Winery | MA

Popzup logo

Popzup | NH

Port City Coffee Roasters

Port City Coffee Roasters | NH

Port City Pretzels logo

Port City Pretzels | NH

Potlicker Kitchen logo

Potlicker Kitchen | VT

Q's Nuts logo

Q's Nuts | MA

Pork Beach Sauce Company

Pork Beach Sauce Co. | ME

Red Bee logo

Red Bee | CT

Republic of Vermont logo

Republic of Vermont | VT

Revel Revel logo

Revel Revel | MA

R.e.d.d. Energy Bars

R.e.d.d. Energy Bars | ME

Road Trip Food Company logo

Road Trip Food Company | VT

Royal Rose logo

Royal Rose | ME

Runamok Maple logo

Runamok Maple | VT

Sacred Cow logo

Sacred Cow | RI

Seven Hills Pasta logo

Seven Hills Pasta Co. | MA

Stirrings logo

Stirrings | MA

Taza Chocolate logo

Taza Chocolate | MA

UnTapped logo

UnTapped | VT

VerMints logo

VerMints | MA

Vermont Peanut Butter Co. logo

Vermont Peanut Butter Co. | VT

Vermont Salumi logo

Vermont Salumi | VT

Vermont Smoke and Cure

Vermont Smoke and Cure | VT

Wayward Gourmet

Wayward Gourmet | NH

Whiskey Fish

Whiskey Fish | MA

White Mountains Canning Co logo

White Mountains Canning Co. | NH

Wood's Maple Syrup Co. logo

Wood's Maple Syrup Co. | VT

Wozz! Kitchen Creations logo

Wozz! Kitchen Creations | NH


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