For the Grill Gift Box
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For the Grill Gift Box

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There is nothing like the smell and sound of a hot grill with your favorite veggies and meats sizzling to perfection. However, it is often what you add to these meats and veggies that make the real difference. Fortunately, there are several New England food entrepreneurs that are hand-mixing up small batches of grilling goodness, and we are excited to partner with a few of them for this special box. The quality and uniqueness of the flavor profiles in herd nerd’s SPICE, Wozz Kitchen Creation’s Ginger Soy Infusion, and White Mountains Canning Company’s Lemon Pepper Seasoning make them standouts in the grilling world. Of course, the tastiest of dishes often come with a bit of a mess, so having a limited edition, uniquely New England apron shielding your favorite shirt will both protect and send the right message by displaying your regional affinity. Ultimately, we hope the four handpicked, and handmade items in this “For the Grill” box upgrade your next backyard BBQ. Enjoy!

The four hand-selected items in this box include:

  • Wozz Kitchen Creations' Ginger Soy Infusion Dressing, Marinade and Sauce  | NH
  • White Mountains Canning Company's Lemon Pepper Seasoning | NH
  • herd nerd's SPICE | MA
  • New England's Finest's Grillin' Wicked Awesomely Apron | NH

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