Backyard BBQ Box
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Backyard BBQ Box

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There are flavors coming out of the northeast that are simply unbelievable. Unique combinations of herbs, spices, and organic vegetables harness the earthy flavor of the rich farmland and the savory saltiness of the sea. These flavors may best manifest themselves over the open flame of the backyard BBQ grill. Whether it is fish, veggies, pork, or that favorite cut of beef, New England is creating the rubs, sauces, and accessories that will upgrade your next outdoor dining experience. We hope the five hand-selected items in this box give you a taste of the unique flavor and charm of New England’s BBQ scene.

The five flavorful items hand-selected for this box include:

  • Halladay Harvest Barn's Backyard BBQ Rub | VT
  • No Joke Smoke BBQ's Saweet Heat BBQ Sauce | MA
  • By The Sea Salt's Signature Salt | MA
  • Pork Beach Sauce Company's Pineapple Mango Grilling Sauce | ME
  • Whiskey Fish's Gourmet Recipe Grilling Planks (2) | MA

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