Perfect Morning Box
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Perfect Morning Box

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How you start your day can have everything to do with how your day goes. Taking a few minutes to be in the moment and take in all of the sensory experiences the morning offers can make all the difference. Perhaps it is the smell of opening that favorite bag of coffee, or the sound of the tea kettle alerting you its ready, or the all-natural crunch of the most delicious granola, or the taste of small-batch biscotti. These small but gratifying moments can help center you and place you in the state of mind necessary to begin the best day possible. We hope the five hand-selected gourmet items in this box help get your day started on the right foot. Enjoy!

The five hand-selected items in this box include:

  • Free Verse Farm's New English Herbal Breakfast Tea | VT
  • Sacred Cow's Granola | RI
  • Lucas Roasting Company's Winnipesaukee Sunrise Blend Coffee | NH
  • Bellicchi’s Best's Johnnycake Cranberry & Cocoa Nibs Biscotti  | RI
  • New England's Finest Coffee Mug | NH

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